Macbook Pro vs. Macbook Air

I just got my first gig as a Software Engineer (I was in Ops before) and I’m allowed to get either a Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air for work. Which would you pick?


I would pick the macbook pro and please for the love of god, make sure you get enough hard drive space. I got a macbook pro 128GB about 2 years ago and I was so happy with it up until now. I just started my computer science class in college and it requires us to run visual studio and a lot of other applications. I also use it at work and what do you know, most workplaces use windows for regular business operations. The only reason I am unhappy is because apple does not allow you to upgrade RAM or SSD space. I found one solution for the SSD space storage but SSD’s are a pretty penny.

I am only unhappy with my mac because the upgrade ability of one is pretty much hindered other than that I LOVE MY MAC and would not choose any other machine to develop with. I am able to run virtual box or bootcamp to run windows programs :slight_smile:

congrats on the gig :beers:


Hey @robynsmith I’d also go with the Pro. The 13 inch Pro has a better display than the same size Air, it also has a faster processor, and some extra ports. The Pro comes with a DVD player.

If they will go for it the real jewel in the MacBook lineup is the 15.6 inch Pro…

p.s. the Air model had somewhat better battery life.


Since you have a choice, I’d go with the Pro. If you were buying it on your own the Air is a great option. But as mentioned, get as big of an HDD as you can.

Go for the pro, and get the ssd with minimum of 256GB.
Replacing it later is not possible as far as I know on the newest models but there is a neat trick to expand your storage by getting a micro sd card of 128GB and with a minidrive or nifty adapter, you will have a very convenient backup/storage drive which does not stick out of your mac.

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Actually you can replace the drive later on. Boot into Recovery Mode and run Disk Utilities. I’ve done it numerious times while working in an IT support role. The Internet has lots of detailed articles to get you through it. Google keywords: osx clone recovery mode disk utilities

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Thanks everyone for the advice. I ended up going for the Macbook Pro and couldn’t be happier! :slight_smile:

Hey @michaelhenderson,

Check out this product to increase the size of your internal drive. Warning: it is not a cheap option, but is anything with Apple ever a cheap option?

Upgrade kits aren’t cheap, but they definitively exist. RAM is another issue, being soldered to the mobo, and these difficulties will likely keep me from buying any more MacBooks.

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My choice is Pro and I love it!

I’d go for the Pro, sell it, then buy a desktop with a good monitor and use the change for a really comfy office chair.

Go for the PRO.
Here a short summary that I made for you:

-MacBook Pro-
Macbook Pro pros (if it’s 2017/2018/2019 models):

  • Stronger CPU - compare to any MacBook Air model
  • Stronger GPU - compare to any MacBook Air model
  • The Display have more brightness (better for photoshop/design and etc…) - compare to any MacBook Air model
  • Keyboard - for Macbook Pro 2019 model

MacBook Pro cons (if it’s 2017/2018/2019 models):

  • Heavy - compare to any MacBook Air model
  • Thicker - compare to any MacBook Air model
  • Keyboard - for MacBook Pro 2017 and 2018 model

-Macbook Air-
MacBook Air pros: (if it’s 2018/2019 model)

  • Lighter - compare to any MacBook Pro model
  • Thinner - compare to any MacBook Pro model
  • Keyboard - compare to MacBook Pro 2017 and 2018 model

MacBook Air cons: (if it’s 2018/2019 model)

  • The Display have less brightness (more darker) - compare to any MacBook Pro model
  • Lower CPU and GPU - compare to any MacBook Pro model

But actually, for coding (Web Development), both are just fine, and both will do the work for you.

Btw, take care to take a minimum 256SSD. 128SSD for your case- is not enough.