Made a YouTube clone to get hired

Let me know if a project like that could get me hired!

I’ve made a YouTube Clone which you can see here:

Front end is all React, styling with styled-components (which is basically vanilla CSS, for those who don’t know).
I’ve disabled the uploading function, because I don’t want the traffic, but you can log in and post comments.
Features include: Search Function, Favorites List that you can add videos to, Night Mode which is remembered by the browser. You can like videos, comment on them; they have a view counter. I did not implement any of the delete functions.

None of the front end was copied from somewhere, I did not follow any specific tutorial. For some reason auto-complete for CSS does not work on my Linux machine, so all CSS was written from my head.

In started with JavaScript in August 2021. Before that I had been learning Python since April. In May this year I actually did not know the difference between Java and JavaScript. Just based on this, do you think I am hireable? I have other 20 or more projects, all of which are smaller. Those of you who were hired this year, what would you think based on this project?

Let me know what you think!

In the next two months I will learn Express to the end (currently learning user authentication, jwt tokens etc), Jest and GraphQL. For 2022 I plan to learn Go for backend, because I have my own projects in mind, I’ve already build two Web Scrapers with Go, they are much faster than my Python scraper.

I believe that you should keep building things and get better everyday at coding.

One project won’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t mean this project is bad, but it’s important to have solid knowledge of the fundamentals like data structures and algorithms, which you’ll have when you keep building and practice.

Keep practicing, so when opportunity arrives, you’ll be more prepared.

Hope it helps.

I’ve always thought that if you are going to clone something you should try to improve it. I just tested the youtube website with a keyboard and there are plenty of opportunities for improvement. So I would suggest you test your clone with a keyboard and make sure everything is accessible and functions properly with a keyboard only. If you do that your clone will be better than Youtube (at least with regards to keyboard accessibility).

Jeah and dont play ads on your application then it is also an improvement :laughing:

Keyboard navigation and accessibility is on the list to learn. There’s still a lot on the list: basic security, GraphQL, Docker, TypeScript, other programming languages

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