Making Bootstrap Docs available offline [Edited Title]

So I was trying to find some documentation on Bootstrap.

What I expected was something like python’s official documentation, where there’s a tutorial available, several HOWTOs, and a reference-like structure where you can search for things and stuff.

But what I found was that the official documentation must be downloaded and compiled before it is accessed. It requires installation of packages and a less compiler. I had trouble understanding what I am supposed to do.

No python docs-like documentation where the whole thing is well explained.

Is it really supposed to be like this or what?

Uhm, not sure where you are looking. Did you visit

Hey there.

Just realized the explanations I was looking for are in

I was trying to read the docs offline, but couldn’t really reach a stage where they are readable. I downloaded the source, tried to do the steps listed, but couldn’t finally compile/transform them into a usable form.

To be honest, I found the compile the docs part quite difficult. Not sure why the docs are not distributed in a finished, ready-to-read form.

I just read the docs online, if you want it offline, why don’t you just print the site to pdf?

I think the thread title and description was rather inappropriate.

Actually I was more interested in learning how to compile the docs, which need processing before becoming readable, rather than just straight read about bootstrap.

I got stuck at the process of compiling the doc’s source and should have just moved on, but wanted to get it compiled simply to learn how to compile docs, as this is not the first time I encounter docs which need some kind of compiling before becoming readable, and they are a bit of a pain to deal with.

You can edit your title and description to improve th chances of getting the help you need.

I just did…(which makes this a meta-edit, I guess)

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So what did you download and from where?


there is a link to the source code:

In the file there is a bunch of directories, one of them is /docs. However, what’s inside doesn’t seem to be immediately readable.

I expected to find inside the docs directory something similar to what you find at

With python docs, you can just download the docs zip file, decompress it and read it offline just like the online website.

I have no experience with this method of compiling docs, but I don’t think that just because the python community make that available it is necessarily a standard that all software producers adhere to.

It makes sense to have Python docs available offline because you can use Python for lots of offline stuff.

Bootstrap on the other hand is a web technology - it’s not inconceivable that they just expect you to read it online…

That said, there do seem to be some 3rd party efforts to produce offline docs:

Just Google ‘bootstrap docs offline’ for more examples

Yeah, that makes sense.

Not sure why I expected that. I think it’s because my first contact with programming was with python, and those were the first docs I saw, so it stuck in my head.

You might want to check out

Awesome! That saved lots of my bandwidth juice :slight_smile:

Thanks a big bunch! Zeal worked for me.

Man, you just saved a brother with that velocity app. Thumbs up! is also a good source of bootstrap components