Offline dictionary


I was wondering if you know any kind of dictionary for Bootstrap, jQuery, Css and Javascript to use offline like this:
jQuery Ui, bootstrap.

Something that we can see some examples like a dictionary or library but that we can use offline.
I’m not talking about books but something more interactive and offline.

Thanks :wink:

If your just looking for offline books there is a great list of them on github.

Also, for offline documentation there is dash for macOS or zeal for linux and windows.

Hey @Carlosmcoelho you can try DevDocs , you can select what interests you have those sections local on your machine, and they will keep themselves updated should the online version change.

Hi @rickstewart and @rdesfo,

Zeal and DevDocs are really helpfull and I will use them.
I’m going on a long travel without internet connection and this will help me a lot.

If someone know any offline documentation like that, fill free to share.

Thanks a lot. :wink: