Devdocs database importing

I need your help. With offline documentation tools. How I can import Devdocs databases to external HDD or USB flash drive (I haven’t own computer, and cannot use computer permanently)? Where is located saved offline databases of Devdocs (I use linux)? I am not fully understand how this technology works, and unfortunelly haven’t enough knowledge for do this, I am only on the way for learning. Sorry, for silly question, and for my bad English. Thank you for attention.

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If you follow the links in the offline documentation you can learn how it works. The short version though is that it uses your browser’s storage.


Best bet is to install a portable version of the browser and use that.

And yes this is sub-par. Browsers really need a better storage management strategy before PWAs can take over the world.


Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! Maybe you know, how download or use offline MDN documentation? Tried recursively download MDN with wget, but this not help…