Best books to revise HTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

I’m looking for the best books to read while I’m out and about without Internet access. My online time is limited at the moment and I do t want to forget what I’ve learnt.

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I really like the books by Jon Duckett.

And as you can see on Amazon, I’m not the only one.
He’s a good teacher. Explains everything well.

Oh, be careful with the pocket version of the html/css book. It will fall apart after a while. I can still use it, but I bought the hardcover version of the javascript book.

Seen a few places saying these are good reads so just ordered them… Both hard back! Aha. Thank you for the recommendation :wink:

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Great idea – find docs available offline! I am constantly adding PDF files to my google drive, which syncs to my desktop for use when I’m offline. Also, the first link on my chrome bookmarks, DevDocs, is available as an offline reader too!

Bear in mind, that particular site is WAY overkill for most folks. There are docs up there for hundreds of languages/libraries/frameworks. But it is a GREAT all-in-one way to keep track of docs! :wink:

Also, when you follow that link, take a look at #9 on the welcome message! Neat! Ah, and this link explains why. :smiley:

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Nice one! Great resource… Will be handy for when I have my phone online, it sounds strange that someone who wants to build websites doesn’t want to be online too much aha.