Making the tribute page seems pretty difficult

I just finished the HTML course with the CatPhotoApp thing, the next challange was to build the tribute page thing.

I skimmed over the code of the example provided, and there are so much stuff that didn’t know, for once he made the page into a nice column using the col thing with Bootstrap, despite using it a couple of times in the course I still have no idea what it does, or the image attached with the caption beneath it, or the text that was highlated, and the quote.

Is there any other place / course I can learn to kinda control those things? Thanks.

This might help you get started with Bootstrap:

The first project is always a big jump because you’re going from having your hand held to going solo.

Rather than peek at someone else’s code, break it down into small chunks.

You need text in a header first. If you know how to do that, fire up codepen and add that.

Then you need a picture. If you know how to do that, add that to your codepen…

Bootstrap just gives you some classes that make styling a little easier. You don’t have to use it, you can just dive in to CSS, but bootstrap will make layout easier at the beginning, and the article above should help.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask for specific help if you need it…

You got this!


To get a decent understanding of HTML and CSS, check out
Advice for this project:
TYPE the code, don’t copy and paste from his source files.
FINISH the project… no back end required, you can build it on your desktop with a code editor
BOOKMARK the site, serves as a great reference for later.
Sadly, the advanced tutorial does not have a capstone project site like the basic one does, but you can learn a great deal about what is possible with just HTML and CSS by reading (and trying) the examples.

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@ladarkphoenix You Can Do It!!
I looked at this grid reference often until it clicked.

Check out my Tribute Page and look at what’s going on with the < divs> and the Bootstrapping in there.

Don’t worry man. I remember when I got to the Portfolio project and felt the same way your feeling now.

But we are lucky because we have this forum.
Everyday I would run into a problem lol and everyday I would come here and ask questions (link your CodePen so we can check it out).
@JacksonBates and so many other ppl were always there for me man!!
Tag me in any post you want help in. I’ll help you out man don’t worry.