Mapping Software Wanted

I’m a visual learner which really came in handy when learing HTML and CSS as the display would change.

JS is entirely abstract what with declaring functions with values equal to the argument property thats found in a for loop following parameters to initialize objects of a separate array to be indexed and be passed through to the argument that is equal to a variable found in the top line of the function definition thats set equal to the argument.

I think I got that right. Either way, I can’t grasp how the argument can be passed if it was declared without a definition. Meaning everything between the curly brackets of a function is the definition of the that function. Or how the for loop can define the argument with indexed objects of an array that is equal to the argument (that has no value before the for loop) and pass those to the argument as the argument.

Long story short, I downloaded VSCode but trying to get the plantUML to generate the entire JS code as a map or sequence requires more work. Work that I would rather spend on here. So if you know of a piece of software or a VSCode extension that can execute Javascript and spit out a map, I would be eternally gratefull.

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It’s not exactly a mapping software, but I like to look at javascript being executed with this tool Online JavaScript Compiler, Visual Debugger, and AI Tutor - Learn JavaScript programming by visualizing code


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