Markdown previewer header 1 and 2 format

While working on the markdown previewer project from the front end library projects, I managed to get all tests to pass but the output for h1 and h2 elements are not underlined like in the example project. Just wondering if that matters, or if I am just missing a setting on marked.js or DOMPurify. I couldn’t find a single reference to anyone else running into this problem. Here is a link to my github repo for this project, btw not done styling still focusing on implementation.
thanks in advance for any feedback.

I took a look at the codepen code for you :wink: It’s just some css the person who wrote it added for headings.

I’d say feel free to add your own flavour and decide whether that’s something you want in your version or not.

Thanks for the feedback, that totally explains why I couldn’t find documentation about it. Now I just have to polish the project for submission.