Masters of Doom

This is quite likely the best book that’s ever been written about game development.

Masters of Doom follows John Romero and John Carmack - the creators of the 1993 classic video game DOOM - as they go from cranking out several games a month to starting their own company and producing the most important 3D game ever.

It covers a lot of major technology changes, Carmack’s pioneering 3D rendering techniques, and how they managed to squeeze a game that people can play for hundreds of hours into a mere 2.4 megabytes.

There’s plenty of humor and drama. The audio version is read by Will Wheaton (the actor who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek and has since become a pop culture icon).

It’s a 13 hour listen.


Fantastic book! Playing the game when I was younger, I would have never imagined the drama involved - nor the intensity of John Romero’s hair :joy:

Now I’m wishing I’d listened to the Will Wheaton version instead of reading it…:confused:

ps. awesome idea with the book review category. I’ll definitely be adding some!


This book is a great read. I would definitely recommend it if you’re interested in the history of the video game industry or even just the life of Carmack and Romero.

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Is this book “historical interest,” or is it "practical training?, @QuincyLarson?

Historical interest. I would not recommend doing things the ID way in 2016 :slight_smile: They accomplished great things, but there are saner ways these days.

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