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I have a suggestion to include the Wolfram Language and Wolfram Mathematica on’s forum because the only two places to find help with Wolfram Mathematica are [Mathematica Stack Exchange] and [Wolfram Community].

There are many helpful people on Mathematica Stack Exchange but it can also be a toxic environment where people downvote, close, and rudely comment on posts. I really like the fact that freecodecamp’s forum is a place where people don’t have to worry about having their questions downvoted or closed within 5 minutes like StackOverflow and would like to suggest the inclusion of the Wolfram Language within the forum.

Wolfram Community is a great resource and people are nicer there but discussion about how to solve Wolfram Challenges is not allowed and will be deleted by moderators.

I realize that Wolfram Mathematica is proprietary piece of software, but many students at universities have access to it for free. I am also interested in solving Project Euler challenges using Mathematica. (

I have some experience with Mathematica. I can’t run Mathematica code myself, but we can help debug somewhat if you post questions on here in the #general category.

I posted my specific goal to solve a Wolfram Math challenge.

I have not recieved any support regarding my mathematical coding problem. Any ideas?

HI @RexRode !

It is important to remember that the forum is primarily made up of people who feel most comfortable with web dev specific questions.

That’s why people haven’t responded to your post is because they don’t know the answer.

As you realized, there aren’t to many people on the forum familiar with Mathematica and its coding challenges.

It would be different if freeCodeCamp had a course on it.
Then there would be a category on the forum for Mathematica.

But the forum categories, correspond with the courses taught in freeCodeCamp which is web dev.

Good luck with your coding challenge, and hopefully someone will help you out :grinning:

there is a way to access Wolfram Mathematica for free at

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