May one learn back-end without front-end?

Hello guys!!! I wish everyone on his way to become gentle programmer!! I would love if someone give feedback, I really struggling with front end development, I hate html, css , bootstrap and so on. If there are anyway to learn only back-end without front-end?

In the context of Free Code Camp? Not really. The “front end” is the interface for your “back end” application. It doesn’t really do anything without that layer. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or effort making it pretty, but it needs to be there.


What do you hate about html and css?

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It is possible, but you should try to think about what your goals are. In which scenario would back end be relevant without front end? It’s very rare to find companies hiring only a back end programmer.

If you enjoy programming but you don’t enjoy markup, maybe you should look into systems programming instead of back-end programming, or maybe devOps. Back end is made for the web, you’re expected to understand front end for most positions.

If you have other goals and mind and only want to learn back end, then learn programming as a discipline, then move on to back end programming. Either through FCC or somewhere else, you can always just copy the front end.


If you hate coding, maybe you’re meant for Graphics Design, or UX/UI Design — or at the backend, server hardware administration, SQL Server and databases administration, or writing stored procedures (no, that’s coding), Security, etc.

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I don’t think that @GarryGon4ar was suggesting that they hate coding, just HTML/CSS. I can completely relate to that.


I can’t say i’m real programmer, because i just started to learn…i started from python, django and make some blog(not real , just to learn) , but had problems with html , css, bootstrap when tried to visualise my work, so i just copied it. That’s why i tried to learn it here, but I’m always struggling to push myself to write tags , divs. So i have no hope to master html and css . I hope my answer is clear written and meaningful.

Thanks for your feedback!! Is it normal to copy front end and be able to write only back end ?? Or is it enough to survive while pass internship?

No, this is just a way for you to study back end if you don’t want to learn front end. If your goal is to get hired by a company, you should learn front end, it takes relatively little time and makes you avaiable for at least double the job opportunities.

I also don’t enjoy front end programming and i would never accept a job as a front end developer, but it’s not realistic to expect companies to want me only for the back end.

Always keep in mind that you don’t even have to work as a back end programmer in the first place, you can always work as a systems programmer, there’s plenty of work online for that. There are numerous career paths, web developer isn’t the only one.