Mental Health - Stay Focused Journey Journal

Stay focused: Journey Journal

Who I am

I recently quit my job due to my mental health, I am learning programming as a way of learning a valuable skill quickly, efficiently and effectively to create a future of stability and happiness for myself which I can use to serve others.

A few attributes about me (Rpg style):

Mental health:
Bipolar - I have neutral normal times where I can apply my boat load of self-discipline and hammer away at fcc for 7 hours straight /

I have down times where I struggle to get out of bed, eat, clean, talk or work (if I do I am very lethargic and have instant repetitive nagging from my heart to quit /
I have up times where I am super motivated and conjure up many theories about how I will become a success on this earth.

as you can see the up side and the down side are not happy with each other and I would rather main at my neutral zone where I can diligently work and progress in life.

Intellect: I am somewhat of a smart person with a somewhat high IQ, I dropped out of college twice (1. Physics, electronics computer science 2. Carpentry).
I do my best to absorb information about everything where ever I ago, animals, people, sociology, psychology, construction, fitness etc…

Wise: I have accumulated some wisdom, but my true wisdom is that I know that I dont know a lot.
Im a wise goose but I know I still need to continue.

Physical: 6"2, Athletic

I am quite gifted physically but I have had to work for the body I have and constantly (almost daily train, my low days make it immensely tough to train daily).

Sociable: Im a sociable guy, so if you want we can talk about stuff.

Discipline: I believe I have a fair amount of discipline, possibly boat loads but its nothing I can measure right now.

How I will move forward

ps - if you need to talk to me you can, if Im not here message anyone (anyone) ps2- if you need to use any of these ideas to help support your personal growth go ahead and do it.

Set a routine for sleeping, eating and exercise

These are the three super important things for me (although when im not in the right state of mind I wont believe that) so its important to make a routine of what time you wake up/ go sleep/ eat and exercise for every day and keep it the same (super important).

I also have a goal to be social and study once a day which is a good idea (socialising is good, its good to talk with people and feel happy, studying helps you to learn stuff and work your brain so you can use that information to help people).

So im waking up at 7:30, sleeping at 11:00. Eating breakfast at 8 and dinner at 6.

The same sleeping times are imperative for great mental health which translates into productivity.

The same eating times are great as you fuel your body and mental energy which you can use to feel happy and translate into other aspects of life.

Please consider other aspects of life too (Exercise, socialising and learning/work).

Strategy game

-> To take care of mental health first so I can feel happy and serve others (I will do this by strictly staying to the routine mentioned previously, by attending counselling and learning and applying new methods)

->… coming soon…


Hey Whiz,

From what I read, I know you have potential. Mental health is super important and I am in the same boat of trying to manage my happiness and deal with some personal problems. I had to take a break from tech job searching to search for a temporary job and continue learning. I am also trying to be more active by swimming and working out as much as I can. I am going through my own problems and been trying to go to therapy as well to cope with it. I struggle with motivation as well and I usually hide it or be frank about it if i am addressed about it.

Keep up the good work and trying,

-Chris J