Moving Away From Glitch

So, are we truly deciding which one we are shifting to? Or we’re going to stick with Glitch and see if their service came a little more reliable?

I’m pretty sure it will get better again, Glitch is working on it (see the blog post I linked to).

But it does bring up the point of how feasible it really is to host the projects on free services. We can’t really have any expectations or demands of free services, you get what you get.

I think it’s reasonable to expect campers to be able to use Git by the time they are working on back end challenges. Ideally, FCC would include a Git unit (or maybe links to the many tutorials that are out there). Having just said that, I am having difficulty getting my Git project to pass npm tests despite having read the issue and solution here.. Having looked briefly at and Code Sandbox, I had trouble with the latter (trying to fork some projects or my Git repo) but very little trouble getting started on the former. Just one opinion.

Just a quick reminder.

If you are going to share a working starter project please make a fork of it where you have removed all the solutions. Otherwise, you are just sharing full working solutions, which is something we do not want on the forum.

People need to pass the challenges themselves.

Thank you, and happy coding.

I suppose it would be a case of: Instead of offering a Glitch/CodeSandbox/ project to start off of, we would, at the start of the lessons, provide just the GitHub boilerplate, and say, “You may work with any platform of your choice. Here are some examples…”

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