Moving away from MATLAB GUI development to something else?

I’m looking for suggestions on tools and languages for GUI development, data processing, and hardware control.

I am developing on a Windows 10 PC. The applications generally run on Windows.

I have been developing scripts and GUI code in MATLAB for controlling Embedded devices over serial COM ports for collecting data and controlling hardware.

My background is primarily in embedded C, some Python, and a little C++.
My goal is to recreate (improve) the GUI applications I have made in MATLAB in some other tools.

I am currently reading about Qt and C++ or Python.

Any advice or suggestions would be great.

If your using Python, you could look into the GUI libraries for that, like
tkinter and pyqt. There are a lot out there for Python.

If your requirements are simple, I’d honestly think about using just tkinter to get simple UI going, and only get something else if you want more fancy UI’s.

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