Thanks all of you and I have a suggestion

I studied automation engineer and completed it at 6 thesis was an scara robot(trajectory planning ,controllers linear and non linear a,etc.)I completed it using MATLAB .I believe that each engineering student around the world use this scripting language at least for one project.i suggest to all to make a MATLAB course or cert focused on robotics,electronics and more that I can’t think now.what do you say?

I think the Python course that will be released in the next few months will help aspiring engineers. Python is a better language than MATLAB, IMHO. Python is a more versatile and modern language with a better coding community around it.

I agree with you but MATLAB help a lot of students daily to complete simple projects and exercises.Here in Greece most of universities use it.also the simulink I think that help students to understand some things easily than other programming techniques with libraries and ready blocks.for me it was easier to understand how a robot works using the simulation and changing the values of variables in real time

The problem with teaching MATLAB here on Free Code Camp is that MATLAB is not free.

MATLAB was my first language, but I’ve always been able to find something free (usually a Python module) that does whatever I learned in MATLAB as well as MATLAB does (and usually better nowadays).

I get that a lot of universities use it, but I think that’s largely a matter of professors not being willing to adjust to industry best practices than anything else.

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I agree with you too.we can ask MATLAB to give us access to online version for some hours days until the students finish the course.also we can use octave that it’s free to use.i agree with the last part of your reply.professors teach you things that are outdated or not used.but i think that MATLAB it’s a very well start.

If people have MATLAB questions, there are plenty of people here that can help, but I just don’t think its likely that Free Code Camp is going to write curriculum for a paid language.

Octave is a free option, but it’s not fully compatible with MATLAB, unfortunately. Luckily, MATLAB is slowly dying out in the industry as companies realize that they can find the same capabilities for free.

In the mean time though, I am happy to try to answer anyone’s MATLAB questions.