Musician Programmers

What type of music are you into? What would you like to play?

I checked out Sonic Pi briefly when I got my rasberry pi, i should get back into it.

I generally enjoy Rock and Metal mostly, some Pop. I am starting to get into the electronic type stuff (not sure on the terminology) like what plays on monstercat. For learning guitar I’m thinking Rock/Metal would be most appropriate, and I do plan on practicing some more on Sonic Pi.

This also reminds me of another tool I had experimented with a while back called BeepBox, a web based chiptune editor that stores all the song data in the url.

Thanks a ton for this gwen :slight_smile:

marty schwartz on youtube

Another bassist here! :slight_smile:

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I play guitar, bass and tinker with keys.
You can hear my self indulgent tripe at :grin:

I actually found it worked the other way around for me. I’ve owned a guitar for about 15 years, and I could never play more than the baselines for Smoke on the Water and Seven Nation Army. I’d pick up the guitar every couple of months but would never actually learn it. Since I started programming, I’m finding it much easier to learn guitar.

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I’m also a graduate with a BA in Music and I definitely agree that there are similarities. As musicians we have the discipline to master our skills paired with a sense of creativity and these both definitely carry over to web development.

Good luck on your web development path, fellow musicians!

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Hi! I’m studying piano accompaniment masters now. I’m here just for a couple of days now trying to understand how coding works just for fun. But I can already get what you’re saying about the practicing similarities. :slight_smile:

OMG. thank you! This is so fun and easy to understand as a classical musician. :smile: guess I’ll become addicted :smiley: :slight_smile: !

The mathematical / architectural element must be related, and anecdotally, there seems to be some crossover between music and programming.

If you can play Bach, I’d imagine JavaScript is pretty simple!


There are in particular similarities between music notation and programming language. Music notation is a bit like an auditory markup language.

Excellent observation and comparison! I feel the same way. I play bass and guitar in my spare time and being used to practice daily really helps as a new developer. Especially in the area of having the discipline to sit down every day and just focusing on doing it. Practice practice practice…it becomes fluid after a while.

I actually graduated with a BM in piano performance, but also happen to specialize in figured bass accompaniment (with harpsichord). :slight_smile: I am a musician by profession (I teach piano and gig), but I recently became addicted to programming. Besides, I can still be a musician even if I get a job as a programmer. I was accepted into the Master of Computer Science program and I’m really excited about it. I have to take prerequisites this upcoming spring but I find freecodecamp very helpful.

It’s awesome seeing other musicians who are into coding! Musicians make awesome programmers. I’ve been so used to practicing 5-6 hours a day that practicing coding is a walk in the park. :joy: I also found that my music analysis skills really translates well into algorithms. If you get into 20th century music, there is also set theory. :joy:

Has anyone here worked with or looked into the Web Audio API? You can do some really amazing audio / music related stuff right in the browser. I’ve been working on a little sequencer and a guitar effects app … I would love to pair up on a cool web audio project if anyone else is working on similar stuff.

It’s funny, I worked with another programmer who noticed a correlation between music and programming…A lot of programmers I know have an interest in music in some way… :slight_smile:

Certainly the practicing / craft aspect of both fields is quite similar, as is the fact that for both, you tend to “live in your head” quite a bit…

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