My 1st project ever! The Very Serious Keanu Reeves Tribute Page. Feedback please :D

Hi everyone!

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I was staring at the Dr Norman Borlaug page, brainstorming for ideas when it clicked.
"The man who saved a billion lives"
In real life i may or may not be too obsessed with The Matrix so naturally i remembered an old “immortal Keanu” joke and thought “Oh yeah? Well Keanu Reeves LIVED a billion lives!”

Quickly i scoured the internet and was surprised to find there was not one site that extensively explored the idea of him being immortal. Not one!

So i took it upon myself to make the masses aware there was a god walking among them.

Actually… I just started by making a lighthearted joke but then kept going.

This is my first time coding a page ever. Please leave any sort of feedback, i love tips and constructive criticism!

There is a course on that said it would teach me to make a web page. A dating site profile. This was the result…
Learned much more doing this tribute project.

Code view:


Nice Idea! The best part of the page was the initial pic of him on the bench

I love it! Great job.

I would only suggest that your timeline photos be more of a similar size (see the hands at 320 viewport).

Thank you Koni! Had fun doing it.

The different-sized pics are jarring, i agree. What do you mean by “see hands at 320 viewport”?

Great job and sense of humour! :slight_smile:

This is what it looks like at full page view with Chrome responsive at 320 px width.

Ohh, ew! My page looked horrid on small screens, i had forgotten to check them!
I completely reworked it. All images should scale well now, and i fixed the redpill/bluepill pic being cut off. Thank you for telling me about it Koni <3

Great idea :stuck_out_tongue: …I was thinking to re-create mine with Chuck Norris facts :wink:

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It looks so much better now. Great job :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, IvanaM7 :smile:

Hahah, do it! :grin:

Thanks Kesh! Yeah the first pic is sweet (: