My 2nd Project - Feedbacks are welcome

Hey there.
3 months ago, i started my coding-journey and finished the Responsive Web Design certification about 1month later.

Since then, i did 1 project for a close friend who started her own business (you guys already gave me feedback for this…).

Now i took all your critics into my second project which i did for a company in switzerland and i’d love some feedback from you guys.
I just want the feedback to be about the project, how it looks, how it feels. I’m fine with the code tho :slight_smile:

Thanks for those who take their time having a look into it. (the link is not final, it’s just a test-hosting for the company so they can give me adjustements until its finished)


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Hey there, Nino.
Your project looks great. It’s responsive, the navigation is smooth, and the scroll experience is as well. The Humbarger menu is working fine. However, I feel like you should use more blended colours, especially in the last part, maybe include hovering on the social icons at the footer section to increase user interactivity.

How you mean ‘blended colors’? Sry I’m still very new and yea.

And I think the socials in my footer have a hover effect, don’t they? They should move if u hover over them :thinking:

Anyways, really appreciate the feedback. Thanks

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Well, you did a great job.

The colour combination is not that user friendly. I enjoy you to do sth relevant to the bg color. Also, the underline word made text to look less vivid. Thanks

Now that’s a well structured, clean, and smooth site. Well done @ilinio !
Love the sidebar. I would’ve however made it a transition a little faster. Transitions are nice, but a user is gonna want to be able to access the sidebar in a little faster than 0.9 seconds.

Happy coding,