My FCC Survey Form

Hi All,

Here is my survey form. Let me know what you think can be improved.

Thank you!

Looks decent. One thing that immediately adds polish is lining up the inputs. Another idea is to give your forms a background separate from the background.

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Hi nohjlau,

I made some updates based off you recommendations. If you have time, I would love to know what you think.

Looks sharp. I like it. Now if you wanted to jazz it up a bit you could add a fancy background :slight_smile:

Hi @larrytooley, your form looks good. There are a few things you may want to revisit;

  • run your code (HTML) through a validator. There are some errors you can clean up.
  • for your checkboxes, make it so users can click on the labels, not just the checkboxes themselves. You did it for the radio buttons.
  • Try to not use the <b> tag so much. Instead, use margin and/or padding in CSS.
  • It’s a nit but try adding a more realistic age range.
  • For the checkbox area, maybe try using line-height in CSS so things don’t look so jammed together
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