My First Portfolio - centering gallery


I’ve just finished my first attempt at my portfolio page. I’d appreciate any feedback on any inaccuracies I’ve written and how I can improve.

I’d like some help with my centering my gallery in particular - I have it centered on a medium display, but not a small one. Currently I’m using the below css line - without this line, it sits slightly to the left.

width: 700px;
margin: 0 auto;

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m aware I need to sort out the navbar for a small display too, I’m not sure how I’d like to do this yet.

One issue you need to solve is adding the required javascript to get your toggle menu button working. Load jQuery and Bootstrap into the JS panel.

I also found your menu bar really hard to read on mobile (once I found it):

Use text with higher contrast to improve readability.

Your gallery doesn’t have an issue with centering - it’s actually refusing to stack on smaller screens. You should revisit how you’ve structured that. Change the text on the placeholder images and you’ll see what I mean about refusing to stack…

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