My first programming job!

Hello there!
I have to say that i have a month without coming to FreeCodeCamp.
But there is a good reason about it: I have found my first programming job with a startup.
I do not have experience with web development, which is the reason for what i came to FreeCodeCamp in first place. But in the way, i applied for a job offer, since i have programming experience outside the web development, usually from college.
In this work i usually work in Scala, and maybe i have to work with C++ in a while.
This was the first job i applied for.

After a month working, i want to share something that i have found fundamental for getting a programming job, and for the work itself:
It is Ok to fail.

In mi interview using Skype, i had to solve a coding problem in live. I did with C++, and it did not work on the first try, or in the second, or in the third one. But i did write the code with some people watching my screen, and they liked my code. They gave a few more time, and it worked. Even they gave a few days to get a more optimal solution.

Then, on my first job assignment i had to solve some bug. I was scared, had to read a lot about a lot of things. Sometimes i believed it was too much. But eventually, things get better.

So my advice is: Try it.

If you see a job offer, and you are familiar with the tech, try it. You will learn a lot. And the interviewers were novices somewhere in their lives, they know what is to know nothing about something, they were in the same place, and many of them are very kind.
Try every job interview you can. If you get the job, you will learn a lot on the way, if you don’t, you will see what are the usual topics you should study for the next time!

I hope come back to FreeCodeCamp soon!


Congratulations! I hope all goes well with your job!

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Congrats! @MarcoAlejandro

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Congrats! I am so happy for you!

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Congrats! I respect you for that energy of finding job.
Thanks to you I got the motivation.

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Great! I’m happy for you! Keep learning everyday! :grinning:

Thanks! Well, i hope that too!