My first website.(Need Feedback)

Link to my website -

As a trial input you can give my steam profile url which is
or just the vanity URL ‘EaGL3_’
or just paste in any steam profile url

Hey this is a web application which is used to check basic information of a steam account(if you are aware of the game launcher).It is basically like or I have named it “SteamChecker”.This is my first website.This is made possible using steam’s web api ( I am using the SteamUser interface to call endpoints to get various information of a user.The website is still under development,if you visit the webiste the ‘friends’ and ‘games owned’ doesn’t work.This web application is currently not using any kind of database for storage,because my idea is that I am using a api so retriving data from the API is rather more suitable.But the problem here is that load time is more.I was thinking about adding a database and storing the response and search the database every time a search is made.If the searched data is available in the database I will output that or if it is not available I will make the API call and save to the database,and refresh database every 4 or 6 hours. Please provide your valuable feedback.The feedback is really appriciated thank you

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Nice, congrats! It’s much better than my first one.

  • I noticed it throws an error if I do an empty search, simple validation would help here.
  • You should check Steam terms & conditions for their API, they may/may not allow you to store their API results in your database. The load time didn’t seem terrible.

Good job overall though! good luck

Thank you for your feedback .Ya i just fixed that.Thank you for pointing out I really appriciate it