My first Website

I made my first website for our college annual tech fest please check it.
also I want to know if react.js would have mad my life easier in creating such website or not.
I have to make two more website one for sports and one for cultural fest
The website is live on

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Looks pretty nice, I like it. How long did this take you to make?

It’s great for a first website, stick I to hour portfolio

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it took me 60-70hrs overall!

Your web site is awesome just you need to make her faster because when i click it on i have waited like 30 sec to open and when i scrole down page nav bar (about, event and so on…) isnt put it right you need to bring her up little. But really awesome page i like idea.

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Site loading speed is low. Just work on that. Other things are fine and try to work on portfolio design


Nice ur side. try compress ur code it will faster loading

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First of all congratulations on building your first site. Overall I think you did a good job on it.

Here are some things that I noticed as I was perusing it. Don’t take any of this the wrong way. This is just some constructive criticism to help you get better and think about different things while you’re building your sites.

  • You hijacked the user’s scroll bar. This could create a bad user experience (UX) and is not considered best practice (last I knew).
  • When I clicked one of your events to view what you had there, I could no longer scroll between sections using the scroll wheel on my mouse. The scrolling section that is displayed when that section is opened prevents it.
  • Your register option is in an awkward place. In my opinion, and you can take it with a grain of salt, I think it would be better to either place the register link within the hamburger menu or as a link in the navbar at the top of the screen. This is where people will most likely be looking for it and typically expect it to be.
  • When you expand the Sponsors section, I could no longer navigate the page using my scroll wheel. It would only work within the section until I selected to “View Less.” The navigation arrows at the bottom of the screen still worked, though. (Same type of problem caused by the events section)
  • Make sure you optimize the site as much as possible, which could be optimizing all of your images, limiting the number of calls to the server, combining and minimizing source files (css, scripts, etc). The fewer calls you have to make to the server, the faster the site will load for people.
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Thanks a lot ! I will keep your points in mind.