My firts project

Hello, I finished the first project (html-css section), and i would like to know your comments about it, Any comment or suggestion is welcome. thank you :smile:

project tribute-page (ironman) :rofl:

Perhaps you can stretch your background picture to take up the whole background. Going from a picture to white is not ideal.

How about a little transparency?

backdrop-filter or background-blend-mode there is no background-filter.

I think the image caption would look better as a single line.

  background: #bdbdbd;
  margin: 10px 372px 0 403px;
  text-align: center;

But you’d need to make the measurements proportional not pixels. Or you could put it all on the h4 instead.

  position: relative;
  background: #bdbdbd;

What do you think?

Nice job, although you need to space things out a bit better.
I can’t see some of the text.
Your page has a horizontal scroll. Try not to have one.
Try and add a little bit of border-radius around your images.
Please get a font that matches Iron Man.

thanks for the feedback . i appreciate a lot. :grinning: