My goal is to be able to implement a nice-looking D3 project as soon as possible. How much of FCC do I really need?

Professionally, I’m a data analyst who programs a lot (meaning R and Python are my bread and butter), and I’ve had some exposure to D3. If my goal is to implement a web report with D3 graphics with code that is as maintainable as possible, besides reading a D3 book, how much web development do I need to know?

I finished the HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery modules with no outside assistance in less than 1 day, and I’m now at the front-end web development projects section. After doing some research online, I get the impression that Bootstrap and jQuery are falling out of favor because they are essentially wrappers to a bunch of JavaScript. One of the D3 texts I have focuses specifically on React, so I might learn that as well.

For FCC, I’m considering just skipping to the JavaScript section. I have no desire to become a front-end web developer.

Any ideas or thoughts on what I should learn?

Try reading the source code for some charts on
Or even better personal projects of D3 creator

This will help you understand how much of javascript you need to know to be efficient with D3.

Also be careful with the version of D3 you study, since changes between v3 and v4 are quite significant.


I also recommend reading through Interactive Data Visualization for the Web.
It will give you just enough knowledge of D3 and javascript to continue learning on your own.

Thank you! I actually learned D3 from Interactive Data Visualization for the Web before I started deciding that I should learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; it’s an excellent text. I’ll start digging through the source code in the bl.ocks. Thanks!

It seems like you’re already pretty savvy and have a specific goal / project in mind.

If I were in your shoes, I’d just jump in and start trying to make the thing, Googling every other stumbling block as they arose :slight_smile:

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