My MERN App portfolio is live

can I get a feedback for my portfolio?
I am not a design guy at all, so you can direct me what to do?
especially color schemas and contrast and fonts.
the portfolio is a full stack MERN app, you can like projects and add comments on them.
this is the lik:


@ahmad.ali Hi.
Here is my opinion:

  • I think that the sample photos should be screenshots of the actual live projects rather than a screenshot of you coding.
  • It appears that the CSS did not load in this project. Is it supposed to look like that?

well, I thought there is a live demo button, so I said that this side should represent while I was coding.
for that css, the project does not have css. I am not a front end guy.

@ahmad.ali My friend, then what you need is a CSS framework. It is an easy way to add style to your projects. Look up Bulma, Foundation, Tailwind, Semantic UI, or Materialize.

By the way, I filled out the form ‘API Tests’ on “Issue tracker” page, clicked the submit issue button and nothing happened. How does this work?

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yeah, some of them only backend APIs so the page is only to give you some information.
test it with postman.