My New Tribute to King George VI

So, after going through a course on Responsive Web Design, I went back, redid my tribute page, and loaded it onto my GitHub portfolio repository. I used Bootstrap (v. 3.3.7) and a library called handlebars.js (They go though how to use it in the course).

Anyway, a few things I’m still working on:

  • I know that the home page leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Still working out the color scheme
  • I'd like to change the source page up so that it reads more like an actual bibliography and not just a list of links.
  • The images need to be recropped so that they are all roughly the same dimensions.
  • And eventually, I'd like to add some video to the site.

Here’s the site.

Very impressive page! A lot of good technology in there that I think I could learn from myself. You really went above and beyond in terms of structure of your tribute page(s), but it also seems a little overwhelming considering how simple the actual content is. Right now I think that the website would be better all on one page. Maybe after you finish the things you’re working on it will feel less empty on each separate page. As it stands, great tribute and wonderful coding (I feel as though I rushed through mine looking at the tribute pages of others).

Best regards, Jon