My Personal FFC Portfolio Webpage - Can you guys give me some feedback?


I finished my portfolio website for FFC. This is of course not
the one I will be using for a job search but only to earn the certificate for now :slight_smile:.

If you want and have the time, please leave a feedback.


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I like it a lot and I think the site if well-planned and executed. I like the small shadoweffects on the projectboxes as well as the fixed position navbar. The fonts were a good choice and the page feels very harmonic overall. The scroll-up button on the bottom-left is a neat feature as well :slight_smile:
What’s even better is that you’ve created a perfectly responsive webpage as well; fonts, layout, project containers - it all flows seamlessly when resizing the viewport. It reallys shows that you know your HTML and CSS stuff very well! :slight_smile:

Great job!

Hi @Mficode,

Thank you for your kind response. I appreciate it :slight_smile: