My Portfolio Design

After quite a bit of time, I finally finished my portfolio design for the moment. I’ll edit and revise the text later down the road. But as it is, what do you think about its aesthetics and functionality?
Any suggestion or advice is much appreciated.

GitHub: GitHub - PhilipMHF/Portfolio

I would create a link to my GitHub Profile in my actual portfolio.
Also, I’ve been told that HR guys don’t usually reading much stuff when looking at portfolio. Maybe consider to be more laconic when it comes to text content.

Also. You are Engilsh teacher, as I understand. My first project idea related to your area of expertise, take a look if you have some time for it

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Last night I kept reminding myself to add a link to my GitHub but totally forgot about it. I’ll add the link right away. Thanks for taking the time :heart:

I assume if you have Github profile, you are familiar with Git?
For me it’s helpful when I am doing regular commits with descriptive messages.

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Yeah I’m familiar with basic git functionalities such as merging, working with branches, etc. But I’m not that good with commenting yet. I’m trying to be as descriptive as possible. It’s a work in progress.

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