My Portfolio Exercise & Development Aspiration Journey

Hello My Fellow Coders!

Just wanted to introduce myself as I embark on this fCC journey.

I have been a UX/UI designer for the last 12+ years… am in the process of trying to reset the course of my career as a developer. I have always been fascinated by code just never took the plunge (started html/css courses in the past but other priorities came to play).

Anyway here I am again… almost done with beginner javaScript (kinda getting stuck a bit but pushing forward). Finger’s crossed hope to land a job as a developer in the near future.

Here is my codepen to my portfolio:

I’ve used other people’s jQuery and javascript code as I am still learning it, but am proud that I was able to piece it together with my html/css/bootstrap knowledge.

Thoughts are welcomed and see ya guys around!


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Welcome Jason.

Can you tell us more about your UX/UI work, how did you end up with that, your background (graphics, art, or tech background?), what’s a typical day like?

I think a lot of campers will be interested as some want to get into web dev field, but find coding hard.

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That’s a very cool looking portfolio, nice job. I’m always fascinated by a minimalistic approach. Be sure to add the bootstrap js file, or the navbar’s toggle functionality won’t work, though.

Welcome and yeah, tell us more!

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Thanks Owel,

Sure, I actually studied advertising in school but ended up designing web pages (on the visual side and interaction design). I shifted my career to focus more on UX/UI just because the industry shifted that way. Since apple products everyone was more focused on product development and experience design rather than just campaigns and visual design.

I think if you already have a foot in the door with any area of the tech / design industry, be it code, visual design, product management, you have the opportunity the switch because you have the network and connection, also you have the experience within the industry.

My recommendation would be to take a few online courses… lots of affordable ones out there, go to tech/UX meetups, go to whiteboard sessions with the UX team… take them out to lunch, etc. pick their brains… you can actually switch directions. I learned a lot by other UX designers I worked on projects with.

I actually started a website called but took it down as I realized I wanted to learn code more than teach UX. But I never went to UX school, to be honest on the job training along with all the things I mentioned above teaches you way more than expensive tuition would (granted I had years of visual web design experience and I am kinda tech savvy (I also learned html/css by spending my lunch hour and weekends doing and codecademy before fCC, haha I also had/have no life lol).

I mean if you are young and just starting out, school might still a good idea if UX is what you want to do. But there are definitely more ways than one to start your UX career.

UI on the other hand, I think it does require some natural talent if you will. Take a few design courses and see if you have the chops and interest. You can tell pretty fast if you have design abilities once you learn the tools. Although with the tools now days, sketch/framer, etc… and all the design libraries… you don’t always need heavy design chops depending on the industry you are targeting.

(Oh and as for a typical day: I think you really have to have the drive, desire and patience to become UX designer. Aside from research, competitive analysis, UX design itself such as wireframing, prototyping and UI design if that your job, you really have to be very good with people and politics. I would say 50% of your job is politics, 45% UX and 5% continue education. You constantly have to justify your work to your boss, product owners, clients, DEVELOPERS haha, project managers… you name it… and everyone has different priorities and agendas. So be prepared to be a mediator. On the other hand, if you really enjoy solving problems, other than code, you get to decide how people are interacting with a product, which is exciting :slight_smile: )

Woa I wrote a lot, that’s why I thought about teaching UX I guess hahah… hopefully this helps. You can check out my website here:

But I am shifting my focus to coding now, wish me luck as it seems a lot more challenging!!!


thank you @noyb!!

okay I was just about to ask someone… it worked on my editor, but when I copied and pasted the code to codepen I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work!!

We normally need to close introduction threads in order to keep the forums clean, but since also requested some feedback, I moved this thread to the Project Feedback category.


No problem, thanks… still learning the platform here :slight_smile: