My portfolio - feedback appreciated!

Well. After 2 days I finished the portfolio.
Your feedback will be appreciated!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi! I like your page, and if you have done it in just two days, that’s a really good starting point. There are some trouble on small devices (to test it without using a mobile device you can use the responsive design view of Firefox or the device mode in chrome, or you can take a look at

  • Your portfolio items are horizontally compressed;
  • In your contact section (and in general) you should not use empty divs for layout alignment purpose (you can remove the empty divs and set your grid using col-*-* and col-*-offset-* classes);
  • You should use h2 instead of h1 (on small screen some titles flow out of the viewport);
  • the portfolio section overlays part of the contacts section (probably due to that negative top margin.
    Hope this could be helpful.
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Thank you! I’ll try to fix it

Nice job! One thing I noticed was that when pressing on “contact”, the scroll is different from the sections About and Portfolio.