Your feedback will be very helpful!

I finished developing my first portfolio, and I would love to know your thoughts.
I started with thinking about the design and layout(Sketching & wire-framing) then I started coding.
Here’s the link :
P.S: I’m sure you’ll notice something concerning small devices display.

Not bad at all! It would be great if your portfolio items allow to click on them to visit the relative pen. For the small device’s concerns, to easily test your page you can use the device/responsive mode of your browser (ctrl+M or cmd+M). Your skills icons and the font of your about section are too big for small devices: to manage them size you could use a media query.
In my opinion for your contact form’s inputs you should set bootstrap cols classes instead of center-block (something like col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-sm-offset-3 should adapt the right way).