My Portfolio Page is finished!

Hey guys! Would any of you mind giving some feedback on my portfolio page? Thanks!

Portfolio Page

Good stuff. The mobile version rendered well on my iPhone 6 but I couldn’t get the dropdown menu to get out of the way once I clicked on it. In fact, none of the tappable buttons and links worked. Maybe you didn’t focus on mobile at this point. Also, there is too much blank space (where the hero image should be, and is in the desktop version). Your enthusiasm for coding comes across and leaves no doubt you enjoy your work. Something I would as a potential employer be looking for if I was looking. Plus the way your mind is wrapping around programming is essential for a developer and shows me you have the right stuff. You are on to it, so keep up the good work!

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@sonofadoc Thanks! That is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. Although I’m not sure why the buttons and links aren’t working on your end because they work fine for me on mobile and desktop.

When you say too much blank space, are you referring to the space around my personal picture? I can understand filling up that space more.

I’m glad that you can sense my enthusiasm because that is exactly how I want to convey myself. Thanks for your feedback.