My portfolio website Martinez

Hey guys,

I finished my portfolio website. Let me know what you guys think. All constructive criticism and feedback are encouraged.


You sure you got the right pen?
I don’t see anything. It’s completely blank.

I forgot to save the changes I think. Try it now.

Hey @jmrtinz15, just a couple of things;

  • when clicking the ‘About’ link I expected to be taken to the section about you. I’m left at the welcome section.
  • make it so that clicking your projects opens the full page view, not the pen
    • the link to your Scorekeeper is incorrect and gives a 404 error

good catch. It should work now. Thanks!

I have a few more comments. Let me know if you need further help on fixing these things.

  • Your projects all have different heights, which looks a bit messy.

  • Your projects don’t have a border-radius, your profile picture does. It would be best to stay consistent.

  • The white text on hovering the languages and on your email make them appear clickable.

  • The product landing page image is not loading for me.

  • When I click on the links about or contact, I am taken to the section, but the title is hidden behind the navigation bar.

  • Also try adding the below code to your page and see how you like that:

html {
scroll-behavior: smooth;
  • The CodePen link goes to the dashboard, it doesn’t go to your profile.

Hmmm… your link is dead.
did you delete your project??

How did you access the project?

Thanks for the input. I am not too sure how to correct the navbar hiding the section titles.

I removed it since I made some changes to it on VS code. I uploaded the link again. Let me know if it works

Yeah. It works, but your images are squashed and it has a bit too much blue in it.

Did you try to search for a solution? I faced the same issue and applied this method

Check the links to your LinkedIn and CodePen. They’re incorrect.