My post was marked as spam/flagged but it's not spam

I wrote a post called "Professional Advice Needed: Is it possible to get a remote coding job after completing .
I wasn’t trying to advertise anything. I only gave a link to the website I created for myself so that if the reader of the post wanted to see some of the code I wrote they could check it out and make a more informed response to my question.
Please read the post and tell me exactly what I should remove, and whatever you want me to remove from it, I will remove from it. I hope you will tell me that I don’t have to remove anything because I’m still within the “Guidelines” I read the guidelines and believe I am within acceptable parameters, but I could be wrong.
Please let me know that you received this message.
I hope you have a very great day. Keep smiling. :smile: Keep on keeping on.
I’m sorry if I’ve done anything wrong.

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everything’s fine, seems sonething went wrong on our side

your thread is back now