My Random Quote Machine please give me feedback?

Completed my Random Quote Machine Can you please comment on it


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Nice job!

I have 2 suggestions to improve your project:

  • You can change the refresh “button” when the user click and/or when the user hover the mouse. When the buttons don’t change when it was clicked, seems like nothing happens. You can do something like this

.random:active { background-color: #someColor; }

  • There are two “Under Developement” strings in the footer of your site. This text is visible. If you use this text to something, you can hide (there are best solutions, but I don’t know the real use of the texts).

Congratulations again!

Thanks for the suggestion @airtonbjunio. I totally spaced on the fact to change the button when user clicks it, changed it.

About the text in the bottom, I don’t know why codepen is adding it to the bottom, but i edited it to be invisible