My redesign portfolio page

here is my portfolio page after learning javascript A redesign , give me some feedback…


@hoangdepzai95 Hey Great job , Its behind the limits… really inspired.:slight_smile:

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it’s very good…really inspired @hoangdepzai95

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function (link) {
if (link === “clicked” && site === “your Portfolio”) {
return “Mind is blown”;

Hahaha this was my reaction. everything was so mesmerizing that i could not quit before watching every transition.

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This looks nice but lack of information :smile: I mean when I come to your page first time, I won’t know what are you doing and where should I look for information :joy:. Remember content is the king, before doing any animation, just show user some text to let him/her know at least who you are :wink:

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yes, i agree and have thought about it for a few day, i will modify and add some imformation to the beginning


I found your animation a bit distracting from the purpose of the site. I was waiting for quite a while for it to tell me what you were doing and before it finished I had realised the lines to the left were a burger menu and went looking in there instead.

IMO (and this is just my opinion) , if you like to animate and show it off then maybe you might be better adding that as a seperate portfolio item.

I think sparing use of the other element animations would be better too, everything bouncing in from different directions at different times - i didnt know where to put my eyes!

Color scheme is good i think, I like that,

As Thovo said:- Remember content is the king.



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