My Responsive Web Design Projects - Completed

I’ve created the first 5 projects which are shown in here: CodePen Collection

Because they are a beginner work, I’d like to get your feedback.

Thank you all.


Tribute page looks good :slight_smile:
Suggestions :
Use different font family for heading and paragraphs
Use colors for headings
Add Wikipedia link

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Good job completing this section. I am working on it myself.

You might want to use a darker color for the text placed on the product images though it blends into the pink and it is hard to read.

Your form looks sharp!
Best of luck with the next section,:sunglasses:

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Hi Prasad,

I did what you suggested for. Yes different color & font really makes it easier to read.

Thank you for the feedback.

Hi Chris,

I kinda struggled in choosing colors for that work. As you suggested, black/darker text over pink background looks much more better.

Thank you.

No prob :+1: very nice work overall