My Tribute Page attempt - feedback


I have completed the Tribute page project,my first ever web page / code.

Godzilla Tribute Page

Please offer any suggestions or feedback that may help me improve.



First thing: the font-size is huge and I think another font would look good. I guess you know how to decrease the font size, but the font family:

  • Put this line of code in the beginning of the CSS: @import url(""); This imports the “Open Sans” font.
  • In the body style, set the font family to "Open Sans", sans-serif.

I’ll give you more things to do afterwards…

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First of all, great job!

  • I’d start by making the page responsive, it doesn’t scale well to mobile

  • Maybe add some white color to the text - it works good with the background color.

  • Use a custom font

Go to Pen Settings, HTML, insert most common viewport meta tag, save & close.+

forked and tried for myself but it still looks like nothing changed…

It usually works best in debug mode, it doesn’t seem to work that well with full page…

Same result, never saw the impact of this viewport meta tag trick working.
I’d go with media queries @Daniel_B

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Thank You for the feedback, I initially set all the font and width sizing to the vw(viewport width) but obviously that does not work well to account for all the different resolution types. I will update all the sizing for everything and use media queries to improve it.

Thanks again

Thanks for the quick replies. It is definitely the viewport that has messed it all up (and I thought I was being smart) will update it to media queries as you recommended.

Thanks Again

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Actually, it doesn’t always help. But sometimes it does.

It’s just testing, no quiz here :smiley:
Something doesn’t work then you switch it up with something else and test again.
You did a great job.

Welcome to CSS:

New version is up. Thanks for the recommendations and support.

ps. I am pretty sure I own those blinds :joy:


I think everyone’s blinds are like that (including mine), y’a have to be careful so you don’t pull down the whole string :rofl:

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