My tribute page, basically finished but

Here’s my Haruki Murakami tribute page: - with code. - without code.

I still have 2 issues I couldn’t solve:

  1. In the “Novels” section, I couldn’t get the image’s boxes to be of the same size.
  2. In the “Biography” section, I didn’t understand why there is so much space between the last link to the bottom of the well.

Any feedback, advice,improvement ideas, etc is welcomed! :slight_smile:

Hey there,
It’s a good start, I like the concept of the pinterest style gallery you have going.

  1. The height of the original images are different. Thus you may want to specify a height for the image containers, or make edit the images and make them the same height.
  2. You placed the unordered list inside the paragraph. Take this out of the paragraph and this should fix the problem.

Hey hydracus,
First of all, thank you for the reply!

  1. Which of those would be the better practice?
  2. Thank you! I changed it and it worked. But let’s say, just for the practice (and my OCD) that I’d want the end of the well to be closer to the last line, how would I do it? "^^

1.I would argue more than likely editing the image containers will be the way to go, as it would be difficult to change every single image to be the same size.
Once you have finalised the layout, you may then consider to edit the images(resize and compress the image) to improve loading times.
2. the .well has a default padding, so you can change the padding value. In addition the ul will likely have a default padding of margin property which you can manipulate as well.

Thanks you so much for you patience and insights! I did what you said and I feel much more satisfied about the website now.:grin: