My Tribute page feedback, please

Hi everyone
I would really appreciate if you take some time to give me your valuable feedback on my tribute page.
Also if you don’t mind I had trouble with test case max-width but I got it to work by setting display: block. I am not able to set padding, margin around it though.
Thank you


Looks good for a first try
But could you explain what the lines bellow do?

footer p{

Hey, nice work and it looks really great on smaller devices.

But on biggers the photo is too big, it takes almost a whole screen on my 11inch laptop. You could change the max-width of the image div to a smaller number.

is quite good for the beginning but I think the picture is too big and the font below could be a bit bigger

a#tribute-link removes underline of the link by setting text-decoration to none. And footer p just centers it.

Welcome back @daiwik. Your page looks good. Some things to revisit;

  • Since the start of each item in the timeline is a bold date maybe get rid of the bullet points.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.
  • It’s generally not a good idea to skip header sizes like you’ve done. If you want you can use CSS to make them a little smaller.
  • On a side note, sans-serif would be the fallback font. Having it first means the other fonts will never load
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