My Tribute Page Feedback Welcomed

I recently started here at FCC. This is my first project Ever! I welcome any feedback. my codepen link is

I would also like to say I think that freeCodeCamp is a wonderful place to learn and I can’t wait to learn more!

Barbara Duis

Not sure if its the browser on my end, but I can’t see the image on your page. All I see is a black box from pixabay stating “No Hot Linking”.

If you have a OneDrive drive account, try putting the image in there and linking it from there. Dropbox and Google Drive will likely work the same way if you have those.

Thanks for letting me know. How do I link my One Drive photo to my HTML document?


In One Drive, right click on the image - click “Share a One Drive link” - it will save the link to your clipboard, go to your code and paste it to where the link should be in the code.

Thanks for the One Drive Tip. I tried it but it didn’t work for me. I went back to the original link. I will try again latter to see what I missed…

Here is the link to mine, might help you out a bit.

This is the link One Drive gives me.!Apu8jKkhl0Skg4dv4xeR3Uvn-CAUWA

This is my code
lilac basket

Any suggestions?

I can see the image now on your project.