My tribute page - Thelonious Monk

Hi guys (and girls!),

Wasn’t sure about sharing my tribute page, I already know some HTML/CSS (I’m here for the Javascript mainly) so it felt like cheating a bit :no_mouth: Anyway, I’m kinda proud of how it turned out so I wanted to show you!

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Good job!

I didn’t know about class='hidden-xs'! Glad I peeked at your code :slight_smile:

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Nice tribute page - great job! Your font was really nice - classy and easy to read. A very interesting and amusing thing happened on loading - your center column image of Thelonius (being the exact same as your background), seemed to load/render at the same rate as your background. It messed the javascript fadein effect. It could be my network connection, or it could be codepen? Would making an entirely new file, thumbnail sized fix that?I made a gif here to show you what I mean:

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After forking a copy I modified the code’s background: url() to pull from my Dropbox - it’s much faster, so it was a network issue.

Thanks! It’s still a good point though, I kind of just pulled some images from the web, and the one in the middle is quite big. Think I’ll switch to dropbox so I can optimize them a bit.