Navbar-Brand extra line of code? Product landing Project

I’ve been working on a nav-bar for my product landing page. I have previously made one for my portfolio project with no issue. This go around i did a more complex brand with image and text. I kept getting an offset on my first ul nav-item as seen below

When i went into debug mode i noticed an extra line of code which was <a class="navbar-brand> which isnt in my html on codepen ?

Any help on this would be great!

It looks like first line item also contains <a> tag class with navbar-brand, which is a duplicate. You can start from there :slight_smile:

Actually, this is the html I get from chrome console which is different from hard-coded html, which is strange. I would just start a new pen and hope that it fixes the problem.


yeah thats what i was looking at like i had some weird bug with codepen ill try that thanks