Nba game - any modifications or best practices are welcome =)

Hello Friends,

I will like to share to all a small nba game, now that we are in playoffs. Everything seems to work perfectly , and i know it can be improved better, although i wanted to share it because i will like your opinion thoughts how can this game be coded for better practices, maybe you guys can give me more advice for better practices and maybe some more options, and also testing the game, comments are welcome this will help me, be better at practice and to learn from all you. I will give you the rules on how the game is develop so you can play around with it.

  1. 2 buttons for two players, (bucks and Celtics) when we click on each, points will be added.
  2. Leading Button will be who is leading by how many points.
  3. Reset all points.
  4. Game 3 ( 0 - 0 ) First to 3 wins who ever wins will be added 1 point to each team.
  5. Side Note (I modify the first team to reach to 5 points. You can always change it. countBucks >= 5).
  6. I did 2 addEventListeners to both teams buttons, im sure it can be done with one.
    I leave the the link for the game, enjoy and looking forward for any modifications and best practices.
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I can’t see the images…

Yes i understand, i saw that too but just the functionality its what matters, trying to test the game and see how it was done, for better practices. That’s all.