Need a good FTP plugin for VSC

Hi guys and gals,
I would like to ask if anyone knows a good FTP plugin for Visual Studio Code. I was thinking something like the “Remote FTP” plugin from Atom, with the possibility to chose the base local folder (/build/) to upload to the server.
Yes, I can use tools like FileZilla, but I would really prefer something that I can use while I’m in the IDE, and if possible I’d like something I can run from a command line or with a js file.

So far I’ve been using the ftp-deploy package, installed and run with yarn after the build stage (and I really love the possibility to run it from the command line), but for the last few days I’m getting a timeout error and I don’t understand how to extend the time out count.

I’ve also tried the plugin simple-ftp but it didn’t seem to work.

Does anyone have some experience with them?
Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile: