Need a tribute page feedback!

Hi friends! I’m a beginner. I already validate this page, it seem’s to be fine. Please give a feedback on my tribute page if there is something wrong or something need to change. Thank you!

Bobby Fischer’s Tribute Page


hey @PattyFish ,

very well done buddy.
hope to see u doing more great work.

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Looks Good to me, still learning myself so can’t critique much.

Looks clean and works well both on desktop and mobile.

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The tribute page looks amazing! Good Job!

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Thank you so much! I will keep moving forward.

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@PattyFish Your tribute page look really great!

There is something you must include in your project; test.
Here, the link:
if you wanted to add script tag, here:

<script src=""></script>

After adding the test make sure you pass all the tests.

Hope this help!

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aa. I forgot about that, Thank you for reminding! I paassed 9/10 I will fix the remaining failed test.

Hi @PattyFish !

I have moved your post to the #project-feedback section.
For future posts, if you want feedback on projects then you will post it in that section :grinning:

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@jwilkins.oboe Thanks, I will put my post there next time.

Well done :+1: @PattyFish

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