Need an advice on Tech Stack

I’m researching on what Technology Stack I should use to build my product (something like food delivery App) for Web, IOS and Android Apps, please advice which technologies are recommended from the Scalability, Reliability, Cost and Efficiency, etc… standpoint for a start up. Here are the technologies I came up with, feel free to recommend any new technology even it’s not in my below list.

For Mobile Apps -

  1. native languages like Swift for IOS and Java/Kotlin for Android ?
  2. or cross platform languages like react native for both IOS and Android Apps ?

For UI -

  1. React JS

For Back-End or API’s -

  1. Node JS
  2. PHP

For Database -

  1. Postgres
  2. MySql
  3. Cloud Firestore
  4. MariaDB


Everything you’ve listed is fine.

Instead of thinking about what you could use, focus more on what you (or your team) are able to use.

If this is a business idea, the important thing is shipping it, marketing it, and providing a good product.

The actual stack doesn’t really matter, unless it adds complexity to you shipping the thing.


For what it’s worth, I’m currently building my own product, with React, Node, Express and Postgres. If I add mobile apps, I’ll likely use React Native.

I agree, thanks for your inputs!

Actually, I’m not familiar with front-end and back-end coding . So, I’m still exploring the options whether to hire a freelancer or buy a ready made code from the companies and add my customization’s later.

In this case the stack is broadly irrelevant.

More important is finding someone you are happy to work with and having a very clearly defined set of requirements you can communicate to them.

If you can articulate the requirements clearly, and you’ve done your research into the market for this product etc, then that should steer the discussions. If you’re hiring a professional to make the thing, the stack they choose is just implementation details. You want to know that they have shipped products like yours with the stack they are proposing.

Choose Flutter if you’re on to building cross-platform apps. It’s good for MVP.