Need help in understanding ISQA_5 : Nasdaq Stock Price Checker project

Hello, i do not understand what i’m supposed to do in this Stock Price Checker project.
For one thing what is stock (GOOG, MSFT), i understand that it has some kind of price which i’m supposed to get from … somewhere? (links seem to be broken in the example). That part i guess i can do, even though i do not understand what they are (i can query and get the price from some other service).

But, how does ‘likes’ relate to this picture? What is that supposed to represent?
I can see in user stories that it is some kind of boolean which adds to stock??? What?
And then as a fill to the cake i now have some kind of rel_likes???

I’m completely lost.

Can somebody at least point me into right direction?

Uhm…just checked the new project, cool ^^
GOOG, MSFT etc are the companies stock price name ( GOOG = Alphabet [google], MSFT=Microsoft, …)
Of course you need an external api to collect these data^^

The ‘like’ is exactly what is seems, an indicator of how many people ‘appreciate’ that stock
‘Rel-likes’ is simply the difference between the likes of two companies (that value is used when you compare them).
Consider that the like boolean is checked against the ip - you cannot ‘like’ companies twice, is a toggle ( like / unlike)

Good luck!


Hey man thank you once again for explanation, i just managed to finish it because of your help :smiley:
( my solution: )

After about more then 3 months of being locked in basement programming for 10 hours per day, i now have one more project left, and then i will have completed all of the projects and finally get my full stack certification! :smiley:

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